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May. 6th, 2009

Oh geez ;---; I'm behind in photo and teacher gonna kill me D= Actually, Mom will kill me. Then take the money out of my bank account cause I'm taking the stupid class for college credit.

I also have the same problem with math a the moment. But we started matrices and they're kinda really easy so far! I totally found my thing in math. I'm owning. Hard. >=D



Do we honestly need this? I don't understand!!!! D=

Um...does anyone know where I can get a baby bunny? >.<


Best thing that has happened to me ALL DAMN WEEK!

"In late February it was confirmed via press release that AFI's eighth studio album would be titled Crash Love and that they would be embarking on a summer tour in support of it." Of course, this is via wiki >.>

This means that...it could come out in the next two months if I'm lucky! But I'm not...OPTIMISM!

Also, I can't correct anyone anymore when they call AFI emo ;-; This depresses me a bit.




Now onto the mystery. 3 songs have mysteriously disappeared off my ipod. Where did they go? ;-; Why did they leave meh~?!
Crisis Core sucks. The ending sucks, could they have made it any more depressing?
*clears throat* CHRISTMAS! CHRISTMASCHRISTMASCHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!

why? ;-;


Stop torturing my pairings! STOP IT I SAY! You better do something really fucking awesome in order to make up for this bullshit. I DEMAND IT ON BEHALF OF ALL WHO APPROVE OF THE BEST CANON EVER~

...please? ;__;

Death Note...

So! I just finished watching the first Death Note movie (the second/sequel comes out 15th and 16th, and I have a free ticket to go see it >=3 mwahahaha the epicness of it all) And O.M.G Ryuk has got to be the weirdest yet funniest thing I have ever seen. Also...why is L not fat? But most importantly:


It makes everything so confusing! D=

But...Light doesn't seem to be a very good actor xD At least not when you watch it in english. Maybe hes better when hes speaking his native language...o.o or maybe not...xD


Were actually REALLY FUN! And, I kinda hate myself for saying it. >.<

But it was really fun that he apparently shopped at Hot Topic, and he played AFI *squee*, hell, I dont know many people near my moms age that likes NIN. It practically made my day. And, he didnt yell at me for being weird! That was AWESOME!

Except when he took two pictures of my randomness. I kinda want those pictures though...>.>

Besides, his beard thing was cool XDD

Disney? ;_;

Okay so, I woke up REALLY early the other day (shut up 10:30 is too early in the summer) and, I REALLY wanted to watch a movie. I had watched the Lion King the day before and didnt really feel like watching the sequal (it isnt that good). So, for some retarded reason I started going through all the different Disney movies from Kingdom Hearts in my head, and realized that I hadnt seen Alice in Wonderland for like, EVER! AND ITS THE TRIPPIEST DISNEY MOVIE EVER! WOOO! 

Anyway. I couldnt find it in the "play room"...thing. >.< So, I sent the ever loyal younger (slave!) brother to go downstairs and check the other room where our olde VHS movies were. It wasnt there either. ;__;  

SO! I decided to watch a good olde slightly perverted disney movie. I got all nice and ready to watch Little Mermaid and ya know what...I couldnt find that one either! WTF!? SERIOUSLY?!  ;___;  I'm sad now.


...I don't really have anything to say. I'm just showing off the icon cause it makes me laugh xD


The school apparently isn't capable of handling money. Especially other peoples money. Like mine...>.<

On the other hand, my mom thinks I'm depressed...which is weird XD.

POR QUE!!!!!!?????

;_: Note to self: NEVER let your curiosity take over and decide to take a look at your brothers flashdrive EVER.


Damn you all and being right. 

...hate you all.

Aug. 3rd, 2008

I'm so glad I have so many wonderful friends who like to hang out and keep in contact and talk.

I bet I can count those friends on one hand. ...yup, one.  And yes, I am extremely pissed off.


I TOTALLY BEAT PHOENIX WRIGHT and I feel really proud of myself. *squeeeee* 

Although, I believe my brain imploded half-way through the fourth and last case. 

...YAY~! >.> I'm gonna go and sleep now to repair my brian so I can play SOME FREAKIN POKEMANS! YEAH!


Microwaved smores are the BESTEST EVA~!!!!  WEWT-NESS  =D


I got...PIRATE POTATO TATTOOS~!  They are so FREAKING awesome~! 

Gawd I love bein a dork =D~♥

Also, I'm really bouncy lately...maybe I have a disease? Or some weird foreign medical condition~! =O OMG how awesome would that be~?! >.<;;
I have successfully drawn 11 of the Organization memebers~! I feel so happy~! Except...I was about ready to kill someone after I drew Xaldin and realized that I had forgotten to draw his sideburns >-< pissed me off so much.

o.O Hellz Yes~!

This MUST happen~! If it doesn't...someone will die~!!! >=o

...although I need a PSP first ;___;

And THIS makes it even more NEEDABLE~! Not a word but I don't care -__-


NUUUU!!!! ((Freaking out!))

I feel like...A FREAKING SPAZZ! 

Damn myself for being sick for a week! Now I have to write an essay for English that I would have writen in class but NOOOO! I just HAD to get sick! DAMN ME! 

That damned essay is due monday and I dont even have it started. This entire week off has been unaccomplished. All I got done is the global homework that isnt due till tuesday! *cries* 

GRRR I HATE THIS! Why must I put things off till the end of the week! I ALWAYS do that! It kinda makes me wanna stab myself. And no, i'm not being emo. Or hinting towards suicide. Cause thats just dumb. 

AND! On top of the essay, i still have to finish the math packet, and make up everything i missed in math, and in Health, and in earth science! 

...i even forgot that it was friday the 13th yesterday....my cat seems to be going out of her way to piss me off....my DVD player is having seizures not letting me watch more that 2 episodes of gravitation before its having a fit....my mom says i cant sit indian style cuz she thinks that theres something wrong with the tendons in my leg....and i've had a freaking headache since friday...

Must not cry......T___T

Maybe...if i go read some Squall/Cloud.....*insane smile* i'm feeling better already! YAY!